Bullpen Comparison in the AL West

Oakland A’s

 Andrew BaileyBrad ZeiglerMike WuertzCraig BreslowJoey Devine (’08 stats)FAT of some sort

Sooooo the Oakland bullpen is pretty good.  That’s 3 players worth 1.5+ wins, and 2 worth over 2.  I never knew Michael Wuertz was actually any good.  Huh.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

 Fernando  RodneyScot ShieldsBrian FuentesJason BulgerKevin JepsenMatt Palmer

Boy, let me tell you about Jason Bulger’s 2008 season in AAA.  The number 15.70, as listed under K/9, sticks out like a sore thumb.  ….Oh wait, he’s still an easily replaced reliever and he’s still not very good.  Who would’ve thought Kevin Jepsen would be the Angels best reliever in 2009, anyway?  Odd.  But really, this bullpen sucks, is being paid above its talent level, and is boring.

Texas Rangers

 Darren OliverC.J. WilsonFrank FranciscoChris RayDarren O’DayColby Lewis

I have to admit, looking at the numbers, this Texas bullpen took me by surprise.  They’re not bad at all.  If Chris Ray can regain his pre-injury form, Texas will certainly be a force to be reckoned with in the late innings.  Of course, most of their starters either suck or don’t fit the park, so there’s that as well.

Seattle Mariners

 David AardsmaMark LoweBrandon LeagueShawn KelleySean WhiteG. Olson

League makes this bullpen look a lot stronger.  Realistically, Sean White probably won’t be pitching for the Mariners come next April, so his spot will be occupied by either Jason Vargas or maybe ever Joshua Fields.

Overall, the Rangers bullpen looks the best, with Oakland a close second.  If Chris Ray regains his old form, the Rangers’ll have a mean 7th-8th-9th combo.  The M’s have the potential to put up some nice numbers, but potential doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll happen.  And the Angels bullpen sucks.