Guess who’s back… back again.


So uh. Griffey is on is way back for yet another year of Mariner baseball. He resigned for basically a “slightly” higher base salary and similar incentive laden deal. It would be interesting how this will change the targets of who we sign this off-season. I do think it’s encouraging as Larry Stone mentioned in his article that “Brian Goldberg, has said that neither money nor playing time would be an issue for his client.” Which is very important with building this next years team.

We are currently in a dangerous position with next years team. After last years 85 win team there are some expectations that with an increased pay roll we should be able to start pressing forward and have a real shot at a division title. Be careful of your expectations M fans.

Oh, and by the way. I finally got to be the who published the “breaking news”.  Take that Griffin and Taylor!

Taylor’s Edit: My first reaction was: “Well this is obnoxious.”  I’m not quite sure how to term my second one.  Griffey is old.  He is not good at hitting. He is not good at fielding.  He is good at two things: plate discipline/approach and making Ichiro smile.  On one hand, this move goes along completely with Zduriencik’s emphasis on bringing in baseball players who are well-behaved.  The Yuni move seemed to have more to do with the fact that he simply refused to work with the system.  However, this move doesn’t go along with Zduriencik’s other emphasis on bringing in good baseball players.  Griffey is no longer a good baseball player.  He is simply a good human being (and a famous, ticket-selling one at that), and evidently that’s what matters to Zduriencik.

Griffin’s Edit: I’m not surprised, I’m not excited, and I’m not all that upset. Griffey is not going to help the team all that much when it comes to winning games, and he’s going to take up a roster spot. Obviously this move was completely aimed at keeping team chemistry good, and keeping Ichiro happy. That’s all fine and dandy, but it just means that we have one fewer roster spot to work with when it comes to improving this team. Let’s see what happens.