2010 Mariners May Schedule and Me


So, as Griffin mentioned in a previous post, I’m currently away on mission and just found out i’m here permanently until I leave country. The cool thing about that … I only have 52 days left in country. I’ll still be posting stuff, just not as often as I would like.

On another entirely different note, the Seattle Mariners posted their 2010 schedule. This may not be news to anyone since I believe they posted it awhile ago. However, I’m headed back to the old country (Seattle) to visit the family and friends (with an opportunity to catch an amazing display of artistry aka a Seattle Mariners game) in May 2010.

So while I had alittle break in work I started looking at the different home games that Seattle will be playing in May. Let me be honest with you – disappointed doesn’t cover it. You have Tex, TB and LA all in the first week, unfortunately as much as I love my Mariner baseball I also have a softball team I coach in the spring and I won’t make it back home until Mid-Late May. So that awesome homestand is out of the picture.

Leaving a Toronto/San Deigo/Detroit  home stand and a slight possibility to stay if I really wanted to see the twins.

With all this said, I put this question out to all you readers/friends that I’ve gotten to know over the last few months of writting here at this blog. Which is the better series to catch within the Toronto, San Deigo or Detroit mess of a homestand? I am desperate enough to try and hit up two series but I don’t know if i’ll have time to hit all three, and if that is the case which ones do I pick?