MoY Voting


I, as well as Sodo Mojo as a whole, am part of a fairly new organization called the Baseball Bloggers Alliance. It’s basically just a group where baseball bloggers of all teams can bounce ideas off of each other and work together, but the biggest project we’ll be doing each year is awards voting. Of course, it doesn’t have any impact on the real voting, but it’s nonetheless interesting.

The first award I’ll be doing is manager of the year. Personally, I don’t like this award, as I feel like it’s impossible to measure how much impact a manger has on a teams on-field performance, but I’ll give it a shot.

3. Ron Washington, Texas Rangers

Ron Washington took a Rangers team that really wasn’t all that great – especially with all of the injuries they suffered, and turned it into an 87 win team, that damn near challenged Boston for the wild card.

2. Mike Scioscia, LA Angels of Anahaeim

He’s probably going to win the award, primarily because of all the adversity the Angels had to deal with this year, but I’m putting him in second. Why? Because I don’t feel like you can give him all that much credit for his offense having such a fantastic year. He had plenty to work with. I do give him credit, however, for helping get his team through the rough patches at the beginning of the season. As much as I hate to admit it, he’s a really good manager.

1. Don Wakamatsu, Seattle Mariners

As much as it might seem like this is a biased choice, it really isn’t. I’ve questioned Wak’s calls plenty of times this year, but the fact is, he had less to work with than any of the other managers on this list, and still put together a really solid season. Plus, it isn’t like he didn’t have to deal with his fair share of adversity – nearly every starter on the team missed significant time at some point during the season. Not to mention, he helped turn a clubhouse full of players that did not get along at all, into the tightest knit groups of guys I have ever seen in my life. I don’t know how much that insane clubhouse chemistry contributed to the team’s success, but it definitely didn’t hurt.

Next will be rookie of the year.

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