Preview: NYY @ SEA


I noticed the other day that the Mariners are trying to sell this series as the battle of the future HOFs. Griffey and Ichiro vs. Jeter. I thought it was funny they left Alex Rodriguez off that little advertisement…I wonder if that was on purpose … yeah, most likely not.

The advertisement did make me take a closer look at Jeter, and he his having a really incredible season.  He is currently a 6 WAR player 4.6 UZR/150 and bringing  in wOBA of .385.  while i’ve thought for awhile he was over rated because frankly he was, i’m now starting to believe that he is now under rated because everyone is simply jumping on the “he sucks and is over rated because he plays in New York” bandwagon. Don’t get me wrong my wife loved watching the WBC if only to see Derek Jeter and his horrible play (which i thought was odd, and funny at the same time. But that’s why i love her). But, the perception that he isn’t as good as he used to be is just wrong. Jeter is having one of the best season of his pro career and I really believe should the Yankees win the world series he has every bit of responsibility for it.

Position Players

CRob Johnson0.30.272CJose Molina0.30.279
CKenji Johjima10.308CFrancisco Cervelli0.10.261
CAdam Moore-0.10
2bJose Lopez2.10.3263bAlex Rodriguez4.10.404
3bJack Hannahan0.80.3081bMark Teixeira4.60.397
SSJack Wilson0.10.253SSDerek Jeter6.40.385
😕Josh Wilson0.60.3072bRobinson Cano3.70.368
ANYBill Hall0.30.287infJuan MirandaXX
1bMike Carp0.30.357infRamiro Pena0.30.303
3bAdrian Beltre1.80.3infJerry Hairston0.50.335
3bMatt Tuiasosopo00.313
OutfieldersofNick Swisher3.90.38
ofIchiro Suzuki4.70.368ofJohnny Damon2.90.378
ofFranklin Gutierrez4.60.329ofMelky Cabrera1.50.335
ofMichael Saunders-0.30.226ofBrett Gardner2.10.346
ofRyan Langerhans0.50.301ofEric Hinske0.40.357
ofShelley Duncan-0.10.178
DHofFreddy GuzmanXX
DHKen Griffey Jr.00.317
😕Mike Sweeney0.10.328DH
Hideki Matsui2.30.381

With the exception of Shelly Duncan everyone on the Yankees active roster is on the +side of WAR.  Justreally caught me off guard. They are a really good offensive ball club.

Two observations, Bill Hall has been hitting better over the last two weeks as he has gone from a .270 wOBA to almost .290, He is making steps in the right direction and I would like to see it continue. Obviously the organization really believes there is more left in there and then everyone in their mother has commented on it and i will go ahead and take a stab at it. MICHAEL SAUNDERS IS A ROOKIE AND SHOULD NOT SIT ON THE BENCH.  Caps were on purpose. I really stand behind the front office and management a lot. I really believe in what they are doing and i think they know more about it than I do. BUT SERIOUSLY!? I’ve been stating for about a month that we need to give him 150 PAs before rushing any sort of judgement. I’m really not happy about this loss of playing time and while Dave Cameron and Jon over at ProBall NW made comments about it (and also here) I’m still a little mad about it as you can obviously see.

Starting Pitchers

A.J. Burnett-0.7121.76X1.490.27XX
CC Sabathia0.630.39X-3.483.58XX
Joba Chamberlain-1.051.09X0.44-1.89XX
Mariners PitcherwFB/CwSL/CwCT/CwCB/CwCH/CwSF/CwKN/C
Felix Hernandez0.70.76X0.652.65XX
Douglas Fister-0.621.91X-2.433.1XX
Ian Snell0.610.17X-3.630.78XX

Friday Burnett vs. Hernandez

Saturday Sabathia vs. Fister

Sunday Chamberlain vs. Snell

Some great match ups this weekend. First off with Felix! who i just can’t wait to see dominate this Yankee line up. Is there a bigger exclamation point that could be made to his season if he just drops it like it’s hot on a team with a line like this? I don’t think so.

AJ Burnett is starting to look like a bust this past off season. Just another formerly great pitcher that just isn’t going to make good. right? Bust is going a bit far however, with a tRA over 4.50 he has some adjustments to make, before he is seriously considered New York’s #2 guy.

I know Griffin has commented recently about being scared that Sabathia is going to back door Felix! for the Cy Young. I don’t see it happening. He’s been pretty inconsistent all year. But with that said, he’s not bust. He’s an awesome pitcher and when he has it working, he’s to be feared.

As for Doug Fister, has the shine come off already? I don’t know but it should be interesting to watch and see what happens.

Whenever Chamberlain comes to town all I think about is how disappointed I am he’s not pitching against Brandon Morrow, maybe that’s cliche i don’t really care, I also like listening to Fall Out Boy. Allow me this indulgence  in mainstream hype.

Snell…WHERE IS HIS FOOT!??!?!? I know it’s serious mechanic flaw, i just can’t believe how many blog posts I’ve seen on this, while being complete and totally valid it’s just really cracked me up lately.

and the rest of the pitchers…

Alfredo Aceves1.1X-
Jonathan Albaladejo-0.5-1.4X1.4-1.4XX
Brian Bruney-2.72.2XX-0.4XX
Phil Coke7.1-2.2XX-0.1XX
Michael Dunn-1.2-0.2XX0.6XX
Chad Gaudin-8.71.7XX1.8XX
Phil Hughes9.8-0.54.8-0.6-0.2XX
Damaso Marte0.9-2.3XX0.2XX
Mark Melancon0.40.1X0.4-0.4XX
Sergio Mitre-14-0.1X0.4-0.3XX
Andy Pettitte-5012.94.3-2.3XX
Edwar Ramirez-3.40.1XX-1.6XX
Mariano Rivera-0.6X19.2XXXX
David Robertson3.50X-0.9-0.5XX
Josh Towers2-1.3X-0.6-0.5XX
Seattle MarinerswFBwSLwCTwCBwCHwSFwKN
David Aardsma18.21.3X0X-1.8X
Ryan Rowland-Smith3.40.7X5.2-0.7XX
Shawn Kelley2.9-1.4XX-0.4XX
Mark Lowe2.47.9XX-2XX
Jason Vargas-2.4-0.6X-4.10.3XX
Randy Messenger-2.5-0.5X0.41XX
Chris Jakubauskas-4XX1.4-1.5XX
Miguel Batista-4.2-0.6-1-0.9-0.2-0.1X
Carlos Silva-4.90.8X-3.4XX
Brandon Morrow-7.2-1.1X0.1-0.5XX
Luke French-11-0.2X0XX
Garrett Olson-16.20.1X3.43.6XX

and here is everyone else….

Wow … Silva and Batista in the same bullpen, that’s like hanging out with not just one but two known terrorist and responding like “Wow, they are really good guys i just never knew they would do something like that I guess i never really knew them” Oh except you can’t pull that I never really knew them card because they continually throw the team under the bus.

While i understand why Silva is back and the emphasis on getting him healthy so he can be a productive and valued member of this team (it’s sad i just used a phrase that could also be applied to someone in prison and getting paroled).  However Batista just NEEDS TO BE LET GO. there are two weeks left and he has no purpose. I just simply don’t understand, it must be some kind of inside joke that I (nor anyone else around here) was let in on. Which leads to this letter to Mr. Jack Zduriencik

Dear Jack,

Please let me in on your little inside joke with Chuck Armstrong about how long it will take until you DFA Miguel Batista prior to him filing for Free-Agency. If this is one of those 10 dollar bets it’s totally worth is otherwise it’s been a sick joke and no one else is laughing. Thanks,


Harrison Crow