Nickels Is Money Too


Okay, I typed up a mini post yesterday that I chose not to post because, well… I felt that maybe I was making too big of an issue that was really a non-issue.

But, after yesterday I am convinced that we must continue to draw attention to the lack of walks drawn. The Seattle Mariners have drawn only 1 walk between the last two games. Sounds like I’m panicking right? Going back 7 games against KC/Oak the Mariners have only 14 walks in 7 games. Compared to a team like the Angels who have 23 in 7 games while playing Det/Oak. They only had 3 wins in those 7 games and we had 5 but we arn’t focusing on the wins we are focusing on offensive outputs so don’t become distracted. During this stretch the halos averaged over 5 runs a game, and we averaged just barely over 4.

Now, I’m not trying to compare apples to oranges in the sense of it’s the Angels compares to the Mariners, we are two different teams. I am only trying to show an example of how a successful offensive team uses all aspects of the game to their advantage. Walks are just as important as making a solid contact. While I believe that a single to a team is more valuable than a walk. It dosn’t mean that i undervalue what a walk does for a team.

The point I’m trying to make is that it’s about how many guys get on base during a game and how that statistic is more important than how many got hits. While it’s important to know and value BABIP, ISO, and K%, it’s just important to know and value wOBA and BB%. If the Mariners want to continue putting up an average of 4 runs a game (or more), the need to value getting on base is critical. Otherwise we will see their run support drop to the poor 1 or 2 runs (at best) like we have all season.

Like Griffin I didn’t get to watch the game (the sucky part of Sundays in the middle east, all the games are played while you are sleep) but hearing how good RR-S pitched and deserved yet another win and got tagged with a loss makes me a sad panda.

This isn’t a knock on the Mariners because they got taken to school by one of the best pitchers in baseball. Instead, this has been something I have been watching for the past few weeks. Specifically they did a great job against the Athletics and showed complete success but then didn’t duplicate that tactic against the Royals with a worse pitching staff. Makes me feel like i take crazy pills.