Rays at Mariners, Game One Notes


So that was pretty awesome. That wasn’t really one of the least likely wins of the year, but it certainly seemed like it. Ryan Langerhans, a lefty, facing a really good left handed reliever, with a 1-2 count. That just doesn’t seem like a normal time for a home run to occur. It happened though, and now I feel like I need a cigarette.

  • You have to wonder how the game would have gone if either Wak hadn’t pinch hit for Saunders in the seventh, or if he hadn’t pinch run Langerhans for Sweeney. It’s impossible to know, but it’s interesting to think about. I feel like we would have lost.
  • I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a pitcher record 19 swinging strikes in a game, and still give up five runs. Granted, two of those runs were unearned, but he also walked six and gave up five hits. Felix actually had great stuff tonight, just couldn’t find his command, for the third start in a row. I also don’t understand how he managed to walk six, while throwing 62.5% strikes. Felix Hernandez is a strange, wonderful creature.
  • That play by Jack Wilson in the eighth, on the Upton ground ball, was magical. Not only was it a really nice play just to get to it, but the fact that he somehow managed, in the process of falling down, to get that throw to Branyan, was nothing short of incredible. It’s so nice to have a competent shortstop.
  • Ken Griffey Jr. since July 1st: .241 BA, .337 OBP, 3 home runs, 10 RBI, .710 OPS, 8 XBH. Is it great? No, but it’s an improvement, and at least we’re no longer getting God awful production from our DH spot.

I miss good Shawn Kelley. Since returning from the DL: .354 BAA, 1.019 OPS against, 5% swinging strikes, 5:7 K:BB ratio. I don’t know if he’s still injured, or if April was misleading, but he’s been terrible over the last month. To be fair though, he got squeezed against Bartlett, and the count shouldn’t have been 3-1 in the first place.

Seriously? Neither of those first two are strikes?

  • I like the fact that Griffey always manages to hit home runs on special occasions (Father’s Day, opening day, Jackie Robinson day, bobble head night, etc.). Coincidence? I think not.

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