Washburn to Philadelphia?


As you know, the Mariners have been rumored to be shopping Jarrod Washburn. The Mariners are on a 4 game skid and things are not looking up.

As you also know, The Phillies are looking to add a solid starter to there rotation.  Although they would prefer Halladay, Jarrod Washburn is not to far of a step down. He has been putting up career numbers across the board and is not showing any signs of slowing down.

Although 34 years old, Jarrod Washburn would be a very solid addition to a team like the Phillies. Many people believe Washburn’s season is a fluke, but is it?  That answer would be no. The Mariners pitching coach, Rick Adair, has been working with him through out the season and he has managed to sharpen his pitches, add another pitch, and locate his pitches exceptionally, all while  learning to pitch without top notch velocity.

Many people have rumored the fact that the Phillies would turn to Jarrod Washburn if things didn’t pan out with the Jays and Halladay. If this was the case than Jason Donald and Brad Harman for Washburn and Wladimir Balentien is a very legitimate trade. Wlad has an extremely high ceiling but never grew into that role. He has plus plus power and is still very young. He still has the possibility to reach his full potential, and  if he can learn to lay off of the curve then he can be great, and when it comes to the fastball, Wlad can hit just about any you try and throw at him. So if Halladay does not work out, look for the Phils to be giving GM Jack Zduriencik a call.

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