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Seattle Mariners Should Stay Away From Kendrys Morales

The Mariners have tried several times to bring back Kendrys Morales but they should be thankful that it has not worked out. Morales is one that would help them greatly on offense but the fact remains that they would lose the compensatory pick they gain if he signs somewhere else.

Many fans are probably frustrated with the terrible offense they have endured through the past few years. While Morales would be a good addition to this team this is not the best move. Not only are they already jammed at first base and DH but if the Mariners sign Morales they would not receive a compensatory pick in the draft. This affects the Mariners greater than the surface shows.

For a while now the team has been able to boast a good farm. Now that many of those prospects have reached the majors, like Nick Franklin and Brad Miller, or are about to start seeing time, like Taijuan Walker, the farm is somewhat depleted.

The Mariners have already lost a pick after the signing of Robinson Cano. Luckily, it was a second round pick with their first being protected. They have another pick in the second round so as it stands they are in good position.

But as many have seen, some top picks do not work out. With more picks, there is obviously a greater chance of those picks turning into good players. All the moves made this winter has put the team into win now mode yet they do not seem to be a championship team just yet and I do not believe Morales will put them over the hump.

These draft picks are essential to preparing for the future. Since he became GM, Jack Zduriencik has promoted building the team from the ground up. Let’s hope he does not abandon that strategy going forward. Morales would be nice but Mariners need to consider the future as well.

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