Eric Byrnes is a Mariner

The Mariners have signed Eric Byrnes to a one year deal, according to several different sources. Still waiting on details. In short, I like this move. He was awesome in 2007, but after he signed a giant three year deal with the D’backs, he started getting hurt a ton, and his production completely fell off. However, he’s only 33, he can still play solid outfield defense, and he was really, really good just two years ago. Also, the Diamondbacks are going to be paying pretty much his whole salary, so it’s very likely that we’ll be getting him for the league minimum.

So, this potentially closes the door on guys like Josh Willingham and Johnny Damon, as we really don’t need any more left fielders (although, since there are no guarantees that Byrnes won’t suck, I’m not sure the front office is willing to count on him for much). In all likelihood, Byrnes will be slotted into the current left field rotation of Langerhans and Bradley, and my guess would  be that this means less left field time and more DH time for Milton.

Now, it’s unlikely that he’ll be able to return to pre-2008 form even if he is healthy, but it’s worth mentioning that he’s still decent against lefties, which is good because it’s probably going to end up being somewhat of a platoon situation anyway, meaning most of his at bats will be against them.

Low risk, so-so reward signing that potentially fills one of the most glaring holes on this team. No complaints from me.

Oh, also, this means no more Tommy Everidge. He’s been DFA’s to make room for Byrnes on the 40-man roster. Too bad, was really looking forward to watching him run the bases.

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