Would Jerry Dipoto re-do the Mariners-Diamondbacks Ketel Marte trade?

It what has drastically changed a few franchises, we take a look back to see if Jerry Dipoto and crew would re-do the Ketel Marte trade with the Diamondbacks
Arizona Diamondbacks v Seattle Mariners
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Final Verdict: Would Jerry Dipoto re-do the Ketel Marte trade?

After 7+ seasons, it's still hard to figure out who won this trade. The Mariners got some great value from Haniger in his good seasons, and his drive and intensity was a big factor (I believe) in getting the Mariners to the playoffs to break the streak. Then, as I mentioned earlier, they traded for him again, while moving Ray. They used that trade to also get Polanco, who would have been a massive acquisition if he played up to his previous stats.

Then, you have JP. his 2023 season was amazing, and he carried the Mariners through some rough stretches last season. He sure seems like the leader of this team, an easy guy to root for, and a fun guy to watch. Those are all important things outside of just the stats based arguments.

But... Ketel Marte has been really good. He and JP Crawford are about ten months apart (Marte is older), so age doesn't play a huge part in future thoughts. Marte is one of the hottest hitters in baseball right now, rocking a 21-game hit streak and a 93.8 exit velo on his swings, good for the 10th highest rate in all of baseball.

Sure, the Butterfly effect would have likely changed a lot of other things. Would they have had the same record in the past and been able to get Kirby and Gilbert in the draft? Would they have traded for Castillo? Who knows.

If, and it has to be said for the sake of this argument, if all other things were held constant, I don't think that the Mariners would re-do this trade. I really like Crawford, I do. He's so much fun to watch, and he's a dang good player. However, imagine Ketel Marte batting in front of Julio, and not having to watch Haniger plod around in right field.

It's close, and it could change. Shoot, it likely will since every time I disparage JP he seems to go out and get better or do something impressive. If I had to make the call, I think I wouldn't re-do the trade, and would've kept Ketel Marte for the Mariners.