Would Jerry Dipoto re-do the Mariners-Diamondbacks Ketel Marte trade?

It what has drastically changed a few franchises, we take a look back to see if Jerry Dipoto and crew would re-do the Ketel Marte trade with the Diamondbacks
Arizona Diamondbacks v Seattle Mariners
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The case for the Ketel Marte trade: Doing it Again

The Mariners got nearly as good a output from Haniger as the Diamondbacks did from Marte. Haniger would post a 3.1 WAR and a 6.5 WAR in his first two seasons for the Mariners, giving them a big bat that they needed to provide thump to their lineup, while hitting in the .280s both seasons as well. Power and Average? Yes, please.

Then came the shortened season, injuries, and a slowdown from Mitch. He still played well in 2021, with another 3+ WAR season, but he hasn't been able to play well and be healthy at the same time since. His 2022 was fine, but was only 57 games worth of baseball.

Let's not forget about Jean Segura. Well, I'm sure Dee Strange-Gordon wants to after their fight in the locker room. Segura was actually really good for the Mariners, hitting .302/.345/.421 in his two seasons there, with a 3.7 WAR mark in each season.

The Mariners used that success to trade the soon to be 29-year old to the Phillies for former top prospect, JP Crawford. Segura would play well the next four years, totalling 8.4 WAR before falling off his final season with a -1.9 mark for the Marlins. Meanwhile, JP Crawford has totalled 15.1 WAR so far for the Mariners, is their charismatic leader, and is signed on a team friendly deal (5YR/$51M) through 2026.

Haniger gave you some really strong years, although he is nearly unplayable now. However, they did re-acquire him as a set of moves that saved the team money over the next few years that will HOPEFULLY lead to the young core being extended. Crawford has definitely been better than Segura, and still has a lot of productive baseball in him. A corner outfielder who brought your team to the playoffs and a leader at SS? Those are two big gets. The Mariners, through all these moves related to the original trade, have seen 37.8 WAR acquired.