Who are the only Mariners to hit 30 or more home runs in a season?

You would think "hey, 30 home runs isn't that much", right? Well, in the case of the Mariners, they have averaged less than one occurrence a season for players to hit 30 or more home runs. Here is everyone that has done it.

Jul 1997; Boston, MA, USA; FILE PHOTO; Seattle Mariners outfielder Ken Griffey Jr. during batting
Jul 1997; Boston, MA, USA; FILE PHOTO; Seattle Mariners outfielder Ken Griffey Jr. during batting / RVR Photos-USA TODAY Sports
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Kyle Seager - 2 times, 2016 and 2021. 35 was his highest in 2021

2021 sort of came out of nowhere with Seags, and in a way, it was a sweet way for him to end his career. It sucked that he was never able to taste the playoffs and that the team couldn't bring him back in some role in 2022, but he did his darndest to get them there in 2021.

Incredibly consistent, Seager hit 20 or more homers in every season he was the starting 3rd baseman for the team. His biggest year came in that final one, although you wouldn't be able to tell by his average. One of the bigger victims of the shift, Seager hit .212 with a .226 BABIP that final year.

Bret Boone - 2 times, 2001 and 2003. 37 was his highest in 2001

This guy. So many people can't stand him, and I personally don't know how to feel about him. He was a huge part of the Mariners success in 2001, having one of the best offensive seasons in team history with a slash of .331/.372/.578, driving in a league-leading 141 runs. There was a ton of conversation and gossip surrounding just how he got there, but it sure was fun to watch, and provided some great commercials as well.

Richie Sexson - 2 times, 2005 and 2006. 39 was high highest in 2005

This here might be one of the most exciting free agent signings, to me, that the Mariners made. I was a huge Richie Sexson fan and stoked when they got him. Home runs like this were possible, and anyone who can hit a ball 500+ feet is someone we should all be excited for.

Alas, it was short lived in Seattle. Back injuries plagued Big Sexy, and he broke down during his 3rd season with the Mariners. Those 105 HR were a lot of fun though, and as a tall guy myself, 'll always remember him fondly.