Where the Mariners players ranked in fWAR by position in 2023

In taking a look at the Mariners roster, we tally up all their fWAR rankings and see how they ranked across their respective positions for the 2023 season.
Texas Rangers v Seattle Mariners
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With the season being behind us a bit, I figured it was enough time to take a break and recouperate to the sadness and disappointment that we all went through. How did the Mariners do this year? Not in record, not in slash line, not individual accolades, none of that... well, not right now at least. Instead, I want to take a look at hoe each hitter on the team did based on their fWAR this season.

Normally, I gravitate towards bWAR, because Baseball Reference always runs quicker for me when researching. However, Fangraphs tends to have better tables and sortable data to get this kind of information together. So, everything that you see here today will be based on Fangraphs. I know some people have a preference, and sometimes the numbers can even have a fairly large difference, but that is what we will be going off of.

Also, I put a cap at 200 PA to become elligible for this list. That means that Dylan Moore and Tom Murphy missed out, even though they were a tad over 150 PAs. They would've had a respectable fWAR of 0.7 and 0.8, respectively, so take with that what you will if you are thinking on how they would've done with more apperances. Alas, injuries strike us all down at some point.

Let's get to it. I've grouped it together in the upcoming slides by infield, outfield, and pitching. Hopefully you'll check them all out, but jump around if you must.