What would an extension for Ty France look like for the Mariners?

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The Mariners came out fantastically in the trade with the Padres. We've gone over it a ton before. Today, the focus is on one of those pieces that came over from San Diego, and what the Mariners could do to lock up Ty France to an extension.

2023 is his arb-1 season, so Ty France won't actually be an FA until the 2026 season, in which he will be 31. Hitters hit, so locking him up through age 35 or so sounds like a good idea. It can be an odd position though, so it's a bit tough to figure out what market he fits in.

He's not your stereotypical big basher, hitting 18 and 20 HR over the last two seasons. He does have a great bat for contact though, showing the ability to hit .310 when healthy. It's that health that plays a part as well. He constantly gets HBPs, with 48 of them over the last two seasons. Each year, he's dealt with injuries because of that, and it's hampered his performance for a chunk of each season.

Here's what an extension to Ty France could look like for the Mariners

Ty France Status

$ Amount

Year (Age)



2023 (28)



2024 (29)



2025 (30)



2026 (31)



2027 (32)



2028 (33)



2029 (34)



2030 (35)

Total Ty France Contract


Eight years

Eight Years. $100.3 Million.

Would you be good with that for France? I do think that the bat is always going to be fine, and will be the last part of his game that slows down. He's not fast, so we don't have to worry about that part of his game at all. His defense has been anywhere from fine to darn good, depending on the type of metrics you are looking at and where you are grabbing the information from.

If he does slow down a bit on defense and become below-average, the bat could continue to dominate as a DH. It limits the team's rotational ability for covering other spots, but keeping a bat like that in your lineup is something that everyone needs. Especially if it is a healthy Ty France because that BA is one of the best in baseball when he isn't getting hit in the wrist.

Do I think the Mariners do something like this so early in his team control? Probably not. However, I think a healthy Ty France would be a big bargain on a deal like this, and it's something the Mariners should seriously consider.