What we've learned so far from the Mariners offseason 

Oakland Athletics v Seattle Mariners
Oakland Athletics v Seattle Mariners / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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Division Series - Houston Astros v Seattle Mariners - Game Three
Division Series - Houston Astros v Seattle Mariners - Game Three / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

What about now?

While the Shohei Ohtani discourse will likely cloud the 2023 baseball season for numerous teams, Seattle still needs to focus on trying to overtake the Astros in 2023. 

We're not sure what the budget looks like right now for Seattle, but Dipoto has spoken numerous times about looking for a bat or two. As of right now, it looks like Seattle has a Jarred Kelenic sized question in left field, a question at DH, and a left-handed hole in the bullpen. 

Some options still remain, but those pieces are dwindling. The Mariners have gotten better, but are still too far away from the Astros. A trade for a star bat would be awesome, no doubt, but how much longer can the Mariners pillage their farm without repercussions?

Ownership and management can make a statement and sign good hitters like Seattle native Michael Conforto, Oregon native Brandon Drury, or a veteran hitter like Wil Myers. They can sign a legitimate bullpen piece like Andrew Chafin. These are not moves to appease a disgruntled fan base or moves that will ruin the "crest". These are legitimate upgrades, in the short term, that can help Seattle compete for a championship.

It has been an uneven and odd offseason to say the least. I continue to believe that this franchise wants to win, they're just as specific and deliberate as any team in the league. 

The dream of dramatic improvement remains alive, but the avenues continue to fade as we head into the new year.