What three teams are a threat to the Mariners raiding the waiver wire?

Los Angeles Angels v Philadelphia Phillies
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Team 2: Houston Astros

Houston is 23rd in the waiver order ahead of the Mariners and Rangers. The Astros like the Rangers are about middle of pack in the MLB with their bullpen. So they could use Moore and Lopez as well in their bullpen. I also think they would love to have Giolitio like everyone else in the playoff race, I presume. Giolito was having a pretty good year until he got traded to the Angels. With the White Sox he had and ERA of 3.79 and an ERA+ of 117. So he was an above average SP. With the Angels though he has been more of the pitcher we saw in 2022. In 6 starts with the Angels he has a 6.89 ERA and an ERA+ of 66. The Astros are known for making pitchers better when they get them on their roster. Giolito is not someone I would want to see go to the Astros. The Astros are currently tied with the Mariners a top the AL West.