Three Prospects Mariners fans should be excited to see in Spring Training

The Mariners have a nice young crop of talent in their farm system which will be on display at Spring Training this year. Here are three prospects to watch for when Spring Training starts in February.
Seattle Mariners Photo Day
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Catcher Harry Ford

Harry Ford has been on the list of Mariners top prospects for a while now. Ford was another player the Mariners took out of high school and was selected by the Mariners with the 12th overall pick in the 2021 draft. When Ford was taken in the draft, there was speculation as to whether he would stay at Catcher or if the Mariners would move Ford to the outfield. Since Ford possesses tons of athleticism for a catcher and has an above-average run grade from scouts, he could go to the outfield. So far though, the M's have kept Ford at the catcher position throughout his time in the minors.

Currently rated as the Mariners second best prospect in their farm system, Ford shows lots of promise. After posting a .274/.425/.439 slash line in Modesto back in 2022, Ford continued to hold his own in Everett with a slash line of .257/.410/.430. Ford also hit 15 HR, had 43 extra base hits, 67 RBI, 24 stolen bases, and 89 runs scored for the Everett Aquasox during the 2023 season. His ability to get on base and wreak havoc on the base paths are valuable offensive traits.

Even though the Mariners have Cal Raleigh as their starting catcher in the big leagues, a team can never have enough catchers. Ford has continued to play well at each stop of his professional career and could make an impact at the big league level in the years to come. At Spring Training, Ford should take the time to learn from Raleigh and continue to take the next steps on his journey to Seattle. While also showing Mariners fans what he is capable of in Cactus League play this year.