Three player comps for Mariners 29th Pick, OF Jonny Farmelo

2023 MLB Draft presented by Nike
2023 MLB Draft presented by Nike / Alika Jenner/GettyImages
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The Ceiling: Adolis Garcia

A division rival makes it fun and painful to give a comp too. Garcia bloomed late, but has been a monster over the last few seasons. Possessing the ability to be a 20/20 guy with extra pop and a good bat, those are all things that Farmelo could turn into if the swing really grades up as people predict.

Good enough to play above-average center field? Check.
Plus runner? Check
Pop that could develop as he ages? Check
A fun name? Check

Garcia has been a late bloomer, playing his age-28 season as a rookie. A few years later, he's a participant in the home run derby, and will be taking the field as a starter during the all star game itself. Not only that, but he's on pace for 40-45 homeruns this year, and leads the league in RBI with 75, on pace for 135.

Could Farmelo match any of that? With his quick hands and how fast he gets to the ball, there is a lot of power potential as he grows. He's athletic enough that he isn't just someone who can play center field, but someone that can do it with confidence. If EVERYTHING comes to fruition, I think a player in the mold of Adolis Garcia could be entirely possible for Farmelo.