Three player comps for Mariners 29th Pick, OF Jonny Farmelo

2023 MLB Draft presented by Nike
2023 MLB Draft presented by Nike / Alika Jenner/GettyImages
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The Median/The Guess: Lars Nootbar

They're built about the same, or likely will be as Farmelo grows and matures a bit more. Nootbar is a solid, and still young, outfielder that you want out there. He gives you decent defense at a couple of outfield positions, able to play them all average or above.

I think of Nootbar as a very safe and reliable outfielder. He's a career .241/.343/.420 so far early in his career, showing the ability to hit for power in the mid-teens, while also pushing for double-digit steals. You don't want him to be your best outfielder at this point. If he is, your team isn't in a good place.

However, this is a play you definitely want on your team. Think of all those years... decades, actually, that the Mariners were tossing out players in LF that never stuck around. A line like Nootbar's above that comes with a combination of around 20-25 HR/SB is one you can definitely be happy with.