Three Mariners that could cause the team to miss the Playoffs

It all comes down to this. The Mariners are essentially in two 3-way ties for the playoffs. Here are 3 players that could cause them to miss the whole thing
Los Angeles Dodgers v Seattle Mariners
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Mariners #3 Culprit: Eugenio Suarez

It really stinks when the "good guys" are struggling. You want to see them succeed, they are good in the clubhouse, and they raise the spirits of everyone around them. When things are going good, they're some of the best guys to have in all of baseball.

You can even handle the strikeouts. Geno struck out a league-leading 196 times in 2022. However, he hit .236/.332/.459 with an OPS+ of 128. This year, his OPS+ is only 100, and his slash is a pitiful .231/.323/.390, he's broken his own club record with 200 Ks already, and will likely finish top 10 all-time for the worst mark in a season. We need power and pop from Geno. The saving grace there has been his defense staying average to above average, making a handful of good plays at third.

September hasn't been kind to the bat though, as he is hitting just .200/.260/.386. We cannot expect to see those kind of numbers from Geno over the rest of the season and have a legit shot at making waves in the playoffs... if we can even get there with numbers from a contributor like that. He's 10 HR behind his pace from the last two seasons, and there isn't really an argument that he has been disappointing on offense this year. Maybe he can turn that around to finish out the season.