These 4 Mariners have made massive jumps in ESPN Prospect Rankings

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Cole Young - #42, up from unranked

Coming into the draft, there was talk about Cole Young already being mature for his age. I'm not talking about his personality or anything (I don't know the guy, so maybe he is), but instead am talking about his hit tool. It was one that stood out, and if it stuck with him in the Minors, it could fast track his way through the different levels and get the high schooler a shot before many would expect. The tool was so good, it was at the top of the class for high schoolers.

Part of that is being a bit older for this age, as he will turn 20 in the summer of 2023. That hasn't stopped him from hitting .258/.399/.380 at Modesto this year, which is still impressive for someone in their first full season of pro ball. He's shown good speed (11-14 on steals) and a nearly equal BB/K rate, with 28BB/29K in 188 PA. Those are incredibly impressive rates.

They've had him at short, and he could possibly stay there. He likely will waver between average and above average with arm strength, and has a good enough glove to stay there. He's rocketing up the boards because people think that the bat isn't just good, but GOOD! I'm not saying he is gonna be a .300 hitter, cause he is only 19. But... maybe?