These 4 Mariners have made massive jumps in ESPN Prospect Rankings

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I think I might have an issue with the Rookie of the Year Draft Pick compensation incentive that the MLB has introduced. Yes, this is related to this article, don't worry. It's only the first requirement that I want to touch on. A player must be ranked in the top 100 on two of the following prospect lists. ESPN, Baseball America, and MLB Pipeline. They also have to be up within two weeks, which also seems a little short. May 1st, maybe 75-80% of the season or something like that, seems more reasonable.

Bryce Miller is doing things that have literally never been done before, which is rare to say in baseball since it has been around since the Dawn of Time. Or the 1800s with 1901 as an unofficial time people always go back to for stats. Yet he wasn't ranked on enough top 100s, so he is ineligible.

Why am I talking about him? Because Kiley McDaniel recently released an updated look at his prospect rankings, and there are some Mariners players that made massive jumps. I'm not counting Miller as a prospect anymore after his 5th start in the Majors, but he still moved all the way up to 26th on the list. It's incredible and I love watching him pitch, but he isn't one of the three that I will be talking about from Kiley's list.

Let's get to it. Here are the three Mariners prospects making giant moves in the ESPN prospect rankings.