The Mariners Will Not Forget the Rangers After This Series!

An advantage to playing the Rangers so soon again is that everything about them is fresh in the Mariners players' minds.
Seattle Mariners v Texas Rangers
Seattle Mariners v Texas Rangers / Ron Jenkins/GettyImages

I start with this thought because while I am sure the Mariners would prefer not to see the Rangers so soon, everything they learned about Texas will be fresh in their minds. I am hopeful that the players will apply the wisdom they have gained, and with the home crowd advantage, will vanquish their AL West rivals in several days' time.

Watching the Mariners for the last three days has been painful but hopeful. No doubt, the Rangers have strong pitchers, excellent batters, and a loud fan base. They used those players well. Even though they technically “swept” the Mariners, Seattle’s pitching and defense kept the Rangers to only six points more than the Mariners scored.

Game Summaries

Friday, 9/22 Game 1: SEA 5 TEX 8

With Bryce Miler on the mound, the Rangers' Corey Seager began with a home run: SEA 0, TEX 1. In the bottom of the second, both Jonah Heim and Leody Taveras singled. Evan Carter hit a home run and all three scored: SEA 0, TEX 4. In the first several innings, the Mariners did not get on base except for two walks by Jarred Kelenic and Teoscar Hernández.

In the top of the fifth, Kelenic doubled, but was left on base. In the bottom of the inning, Carter walked, stole second base, and scored: SEA 0, TEX 5. Nathaniel Lowe made it to first, Josh Jung singled, García walked, and Jonah Heim walked. Lowe scored: SEA 0, TEX 6. Mitch Garver singled, allowing Jung and Garica to score. SEA 0, TEX 8.

In the top of the sixth, J.P. Crawford singled and then Julio Rodríguez was hit by a pitch. Cal Raleigh scored three runs with a home run. SEA 3, TEX 8. Eugenio Suárez singled, Kelenic walked, and Dominic Canzone singled. When Josh Rojas walked, Suárez scored. SEA 4, TEX 8. In the top of the ninth, Crawford singled, Raleigh doubled, and Suárez singled, allowing Crawford to score: SEA 5, TEX 8.

Bryce Miller pitched for 4.1 innings, followed by Saucedo, Thornton, Speier, and Campbell. The last three pitchers allowed no runs.

Saturday, 9/23: SEA 0, TEX 2

Although the score does not reveal this, the Mariners did have hits and got on base. In the first Rodriguez doubled, and Hernández had a base hit. In the second, France singled. In the bottom of the second, García doubled and Garver singled, allowing García to score: SEA 0, TEX 1.

In the top of the third, Crawford singled and Hernández walked. Dylan Moore doubled in the top of the fourth, and Sam Haggerty walked. The Rangers scored for the second time in the bottom of the fourth. García walked and then stole second base. Heim singled and García scored: SEA 0, TEX 2.

In the top of the fifth, Hernández singled. In the top of the ninth, France singled and Kelenic walked.

Logan Gilbert pitched 5.2 innings, relieved by Matt Brash and Justin Topa.

Sunday, 9/24: SEA 8, TEX 9

In the bottom of the first inning, Marcus Semien hit a solo home run: SEA 0, TEX 1. In the top of the second, Hernández hit a solo home run. Subsequently, Kelenic walked, and France singled: SEA 1, TEX 1. Unfortunately, Kelenic was out at home.

In the top of the third, Crawford hit a solo home run: SEA 2, TEX 1, In the bottom of the inning, Seager hit a homer, bringing Taveras home: SEA 2, TEX 3. In the bottom of the fourth, both García and Taveras hit homers, the latter being a two-run gain: SEA 2, TEX 6. Then Semien hit his second home run of the game: SEA 2, TEX 7.

In the top of the fifth, France doubled. In the top of the sixth, Rodríguez and Raleigh both singled. Hernández walked.  When Kelenic hit a forced out, Rodríguez scored: SEA 3, TEX 7. A sac fly from Suárez allowed Raleigh to score: SEA 4, TEX 7. A Sam Haggerty triple sent Kelenic home: SEA 5, TEX 7.

Garver walked and Carter homered so both scored in the bottom of the sixth: SEA 5, TEX 9. In the top of the seventh, Rodríguez and Raleigh walked. Hernández singled so Rodríguez scored: SEA 5, TEX 9. When Kelenic singled, Raleigh scored. Suárez singled; Hernández scored: SEA 8, TEX 9.

Woo pitched for 3.1 innings; Speier finished the fourth inning. Bazardo pitched two innings, followed by Munoz and Topa.


1. A team with excellent batters will be tough for pitchers. It makes sense that our pitchers struggled to strike them out. Our young pitchers did a great job as did our relievers.

2. Offensively, different players were dialed in each day. Raleigh, Crawford, and Hernández were especially good in the first game. Hernández, Suárez, and France were getting hits in the second game. In the third game, Crawford, Rodríguez, Kelenic, Suárez, Hernández, France, and Haggerty were hitting.

3. Offensively, the Mariners left several batters on base each game: 11 on Friday, 9 on Saturday, and 8 today, Sunday. Is there a more strategic lineup? Should the more successful batters play in the final key games?










(Add Rojas because he has a high batting average)

4. The Rangers benefited from being the home team. Seattle will have the same benefit these last seven days, so we can look forward to that.

A shout-out to the Royals for their wins against the Astros!

Go, Mariners!