The Mariners traded Jarred Kelenic to the Braves... but for who?

The Mariners traded Jarred Kelenic in a salary-dump style move to the Atlanta Braves. But who did they get in return?
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So... why would the Mariners do this?

All in all, this trade gives me the ick, and it has nothing to do with Kelenic. Kelenic was a very streaky hitter who struck out way too much. He also injured himself by kicking a water cooler, which hurt the team. Maybe that was a huge issue behind closed doors, or maybe he didn't fit in Dipoto's plans for this team. Either way, acting like Jackson Kowar is a "get" for the Mariners is beyond laughable. And it is frustrating to hear him defend this.

Hopefully, the Mariners will use the money they saved in this deal, and others to help catapult this team into playoff contention. But the fact of the matter is, this team has even more holes than it did when it missed the playoffs in 2023. Holes left by Teoscar Hernandez, Eugenio Suarez, Jarred Kelenic, and the holes they already had at second base, I just am not sure they can fill them all. Well, they can, but the real question is: Will they?

As always, Go Mariners.