The Mariners should look to the Orioles as a potential trade partner this offseason

With constant rumors around these 2 teams last offseason and at the trade deadline, we could see these 2 teams link up. The Orioles have a need for pitching while the Orioles could help the Mariners address a couple of needs.
Division Series - Texas Rangers v Baltimore Orioles - Game One
Division Series - Texas Rangers v Baltimore Orioles - Game One / Greg Fiume/GettyImages
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Mariners Acquire Gunnar Henderson for Logan Gilbert, Gabriel Gonzalez, Ryan Bliss, and Isaiah Campbell

Before we get into this, there is no way that the Orioles would trade Gunnar Henderson. He is a true generational talent and will receive MVP votes. He will most likely win rookie of the year in the AL. He is pre-arb right now making the major league minimum and is already a 4–5-win player. But for kicks and giggles, I included this one.

This would provide the Mariners with one of the best offensive infielders in baseball, taking over at 3rd base next year after Geno left. He would be a foundational building block and would form the best duo of players in baseball next to Julio.

In exchange, the Orioles would get an ace to put at the front of their rotation. Gilbert has been worth 3 wins the last 2 years and is still only 26. He is a Super 2 player with a few years of club control still remaining. The Orioles would also get Gabriel Gonzalez, a big bat who ranks #66 in the MLB Pipeline Top 100 Prospects. They also get a middle infielder in Ryan Bliss who is near major league ready with some real upside. Campbell gives them a solid bullpen arm under club control for a while.

Now if this deal had any steam, the Orioles would probably ask for Gilbert, Cole Young, and more. It might be worth it to some, and not to others. That's the price to pay for elite talent. This would be one of the biggest trades to happen in a while considering the club control and elite level of play from each of these teams' respective players.