The Mariners Reeled in the Marlins!

Miami Marlins v Seattle Mariners
Miami Marlins v Seattle Mariners / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

By the end of Game 2, it was clear that the Mariners had picked up momentum and would be the winners of the series with the Marlins! Sweeping the series would have been ideal but was not in the cards.

Game 1: SEA 8, MIA 1

Bryce Miller, Ty Adcock, and Gabe Speier held the Marlins to one hit on Monday evening. (This was Adcock’s first game in MLB, and he rocked the innings he pitched!)

The Mariners’ batters held up their end of the deal by hitting well. In the first inning, Ty France, Teoscar Hernandez, and Geno Suarez collaborated to score two runs. SEA 2 MIA 0. In the second inning, Tom Murphy doubled, Jose Caballero was hit by a pitch, and Julio singled, allowing Murphy to score. With two players on base, Ty France hit a home run, making the score SEA 6 MIA 0.

In the top of the fifth, Marlins’ Nick Fortes hit a solo home run: SEA 6 MIA 1. In the bottom of the fifth, Suarez hit a solo home run, so at the end of the inning, the score was SEA 7, MIA 1. In the eighth, Murphy hit a solo home run. The result was SEA 8: 1.

T Mobile Park had great energy and the Mariners delivered offensively as well as defensively!!

Game 2: SEA 9, MIA 3

If the first game was won primarily by the first several players in the lineup, you might award the second game’s win, offensively, to the bottom of the lineup. George Kirby’s pitching was masterful as well as the bullpen’s performance.

In the second inning, Kelenic and Suarez had base hits. Then our homerun hero, Cal Raleigh—whose home run ended the playoff drought— hit a three-run home run. The score was SEA 3 MIA 0. In the fifth, Jarred Kelenic stole second base and continued to third on a Miami error. Mike Ford hit a two-run home run and the score was SEA 5 MIA 0 going into the sixth inning!

In the top of the sixth, Garrett Hampson singled and then stole second. Jorge Soler singled and sent Hampson home. SEA 5 MIA 1. In the bottom of the sixth, Suarez walked, followed by a walk by Cal Raleigh. Mike Ford singled to load the bases. Jose Caballero hit a triple that allowed the three already on base each to score: SEA 8, MIA 1.

In the eighth inning, Miami’s Jorge Soler walked and then continued to second on a wild pitch. Garrett Cooper hit a two-run home run and both he and Soler scored to make the score SEA 8 MIA 3. In the ninth inning, Mike Ford hit his second home run of the game, making the final score SEA 9 MIA 3.

Game 3: SEA 1 MIA 4

In the third game, the Marlins struck back.

In the third inning, the Marlins loaded the bases. On a wild pitch, Jonathan Davis scored. SEA 0 MIA 1. Teoscar Hernandez and Cal Raleigh were stranded after hitting doubles in the fourth and fifth innings. In the sixth, Jorge Soler hit a solo home run. SEA 0 MIA 2.

In the eighth, Jesus Sanchez and Jean Segura singled, followed by a double from Nick Fortes. Sanchez scored as then Segura on a sacrifice fly by Jonathan Davis. SEA 0 MIA 4. In the bottom of the ninth, Ty France singled. Teoscar Hernandez and Jarred Kelenic had base hits. Eugenio Suarez hit a home run that was caught over the wall by Jesus Sanchez. Ty France scored. SEA 1 MIA 4. If Sanchez had not caught this ball, the score would have been tied and the game would have gone into extra innings.

Why the different performance in the third game? I noticed that there were several walks and wild pitches on the pitching side, and the lineup was not hitting with the strength and frequency that they did in the first two games.

Winning a series, however, is not too shabby at all. On to the White Sox. Go Mariners!