The Mariners Opening Week Warm-Up was a complete success

From meeting legends and prospects or running the bases, the Opening Week Warm-Up had something for everybody and was a complete success
Cleveland Guardians v Seattle Mariners
Cleveland Guardians v Seattle Mariners / Alika Jenner/GettyImages

Remember the old days when the Mariners held Fan Fest at the end of January? It was an event where fans could come in, walk the warning tracks, get a chance for an autograph or two, and get excited about the upcoming season. T-Mobile Park renovations, and COVID, played a role in the team not doing a Fan Fest for the past few seasons. But that all changed this year, with the Opening Week Warm-Up.

Unlike past events, this was just a one-day affair this past Sunday the 24th. While it was not called "Fan Fest", it was everything I had loved about the old Fan Fests. They had prospects such as Cole Young, Lazaro Montes, Colt Emerson, and Harry Ford to sign autographs. Mariners legends Ryan Rowland-Smith and Charlie Furbush, along with Mariners Hall of Famers Felix Hernandez and Edgar Martinez, also participated.

The Mariners Opening Week Warm-Up was a massive success

Autograph vouchers were free with the ticket purchase, which was only $10 a piece with kids 14 and under being free. Parking at the T-Mobile parking garage was only $10 as well. I brought my wife and 2 kids and we only had to spend $30 for the whole family to have a great time. That was a huge win in my book.

There were not any current Mariners players attending, because they were playing their last Spring Training game against the Chicago Cubs that day. They showed the game on Mariners Vision, with the broadcast mentioning that there were over 10,000 fans in attendance.

All the players I mentioned above participated in "Dugout Dialog", where fans could ask questions of the legends and prospects. The Mariner Moose was walking around doing his usual moose thing, which the kids all loved. There was even a fish stick mascot! No, I am not making that up.

Everybody was able to get down on the field, which had all sorts of activities to do. Fans were able to run the bases, sit in the dugout, and walk the whole warning track. There was a giant inflatable slide for the kids, some hitting and pitching stations, vendors from other minor league and independent league teams, and tons of giveaways.

One of my favorite booths was the $10 grab bag booth. We purchased two of them and had some crazy stadium giveaways in them. I ended up with the Julio Rodriguez bobblehead, celebrating the World Baseball Classic. That was one I missed out on last season. We also got the R2D2 hoodie, the Wonder Woman bobblehead, and a couple of snowglobes.

Overall, this event was absolutely worth the price of admission. I seriously hope that the Mariners put this event on again next season, because I know that I was not alone in having an amazing time. As always, Go Mariners!