The Mariners might have 2 star catchers and a looming decision to make about them

The Mariners already have an everyday, borderline Star catcher. They also have one of the top catching prospects in baseball, and a looming decision to make
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Option A: Extend Cal Raleigh, trade Harry Ford

I'm sure I'm not alone in wanting to sign Cal Raleigh to an extension and see him continue his career in Seattle for years to come. If Cal intends to sign here long-term, and if Mariner's owner John Stanton is willing to pay for a deal of that magnitude, this could very well be the most realistic outcome.

The Mariners are smack dab in the middle of many trade rumors swirling as we creep closer to the Trade Deadline, as the whole league knows that this team could use some help offensively. Harry Ford is a prospect who could generate enough interest from other clubs to help get a big-name bat into the M's lineup. He likely wouldn't be the only player dealt but would be a nice piece for other clubs.

This does leave a big question, however. Cal is a great catcher and overall player, but he is not a top 3 catcher at this point in his career. Is he going to keep improving with his bat, or is he going to start his downfall sooner than later? That is a question this team would love to know the answer to, but unfortunately, that answer will only come with time. If they think he can keep improving, and keep producing for many more years, trading Harry Ford to immediately upgrade the big-league team could be the way to go.