The Mariners and Mets could look to swap controllable pitching for proven hitting as trade partners this offseason

The Mariners have a lot of pitching and need hitting. The Mets have hitting but need pitching. Could a trade be worked out to benefit both teams?
New York Mets v Philadelphia Phillies
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Mariners acquire: Jeff McNeil, Jett Williams
Mets acquire: Bryan Woo, Prelander Berroa

Hmmm. Who says no here? The Mariners would be giving up one of their young high-ceiling pitchers, as well as a potential bullpen stud in Berroa. Berroa has elite strikeout stuff, and even Kd 101 hitters in AA last season through 65 innings. He does have some walk issues, but that's the risk/reward there with him. He can K 14/9... but might walk 5/9.

We already talked a bit about McNeil, so let's focus on Jett Williams instead as the last piece of this deal.

Now, don't go off the rails and tell me "The Mets would never trade a recently drafted 1st round pick to the Mariners". Jarred Kelenic came over not that long ago, so there is a track record for something like that happening, especially if they are getting a long controllable pitcher that they can immeadiately put into the rotation, and a potential bullpen piece for 2024 as well.

Williams was the 14th pick in the 2022 draft, and is going to be 20 this season. He's got an above-average hit tool and a great run tool. He's also a good defender who can play center and SS. That's the kind of athlete you want to get in your system. They were challenging him in 2022 as well, putting him in AA for the last 6 games of the season after seeing about 40 games in High A.

Would the Mets make this deal? Possibly. They get 2 pieces for their pitching staff, and can replace McNeil with a young guy, putting Acuna or Mauricio there.

What about the Mariners? I think they would do this as well. Yeah, they lose a pitcher, but they get another MI option for down the line and an immediate answer at 2B.