The Mariners and Mets could look to swap controllable pitching for proven hitting as trade partners this offseason

The Mariners have a lot of pitching and need hitting. The Mets have hitting but need pitching. Could a trade be worked out to benefit both teams?
New York Mets v Philadelphia Phillies
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With rumor season in full swing as the offseason plows along, it's always interesting to try and think about potential trade partners across the MLB. When we saw a post the other day from Rising Apple, it got us thinking of them as a possible trade partner. Could the Mets and Mariners work something out?

They were floating the idea of moving Jeff McNeil, knowing that they had prospects coming soon who could try and take over his spot. What would something like that look like? How big of an upgrade would the Mets be looking to make? Are we walking about then trying to go big and snag someone like Logan Gilbert? Do they want youth, and would try and get Miller or Woo? Or, would this be a vet acquisition?

Pending anything larger or crazier happening (you know, like if we tried to get a Polar Bear involved), I think that a deal starting with one of the Mariners young starting pitchers is going to require more than just Jeff McNeil. He is a good and proven hitter in the bigs, that's true. However, 2 of his last 3 years are below par for his career, he's going to be 32, and has 3/42 left plus a 15.75 club option for 2027. It's a lot of money, and while it would be worth it when he is playing well (even a potential bargain) it's a lot to commit to as someone enters their mid-30s.

McNeil has had some major seasons hitting. He led the National League and won the batting title in 2022 by hitting .326. He also hit .318 in 2019 and .311 in 2020. Adding something like that to the Mariners lineup (hopefully with a good FA addition as well) would make for a great lineup.

Let's start with a trade that they actually mention in their article, and see how we could go about getting there and making it happen.