The Athletic wonders if the Red Sox could offer enough to trade for Logan Gilbert

There are a lot of teams looking for starting pitching, with the Red Sox joining the hunt. The Athletic wonders if they could send enough for Logan Gilbert
Seattle Mariners v Boston Red Sox
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The Mariners should not accept this trade from the Red Sox for Logan Gilbert

The Athletic actually says that this is a deal that the Mariners wouldn't take, as they have been reluctant to engage on conversations around Logan Gilbert or George Kirby. They also list this deal as being done for either of those two players, but Kirby's value is a lot higher than Gilbert's due to the extra year of control and higher ceiling. I agree with them.

Here's my thought process on this. You are getting a lot of value, and for a team that isn't making a push for the playoffs, and a dangerous team at that, it doesn't make sense to weaken your rotation without adding any immediate pieces to improve. If the Mariners were a 75 win team, then you would definitely be making a move like this to send Gilbert somewhere else and get legit future pieces in return.

But, the Mariners are looking to win, and looking to win now.

If something like this were to go down, I think it's not actually that far away from being an acceptable deal. The Mariners could tell the Sox that if they want it to happen, they would have to swap out Roman Anthony for Jarren Duran. He hit .295/.346/.482 in 102 games last season, with 8 homers but 24 steals on 26 attempts. He played a lot of center for the Sox, but pressure could be relieved by moving him to a corner where he performed better.

You get Meyer, who could take over at 3rd when he is ready, or even at SS if you are going to move JP to second. Then, you have a very talented pitcher that could come up in 2025 as your #5 starter in Gonzalez.

I love Logan Gilbert, as he may just be my favorite Mariners player on the team currently. However, if the Sox are going to up their offer to Duran alongside Gonzalez and Meyer, I would have a hard time saying no, and I think it's a deal that the Mariners would strongly consider.