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Mariners 1B - 2001 John Olerud 

One of the greatest collegiate baseball players of all time from his time at WSU, Olerud was a key player in the regular season win record-setting ‘01 team. Beating out the 2021 France season (128 OPS+, 4.4 WAR) is easy, given similar production but far better team success.

Ending the season slashing .302/.401/.472 with 21 HR and 95 RBI for an OPS+ of 136, he made one of his two career All-Star teams. While he did not win a Gold Glove as he had done in the previous season, as well as the next two years, he certainly was not a bad defender. 

His ‘01 season was worth 5.2 WAR and barely beat out his 2002 5.1 WAR Gold Glove season, where he also had a higher OPS and OPS+, but the team success of ‘01 is what edges out an otherwise comparable stat line.