The all-time single season performance Mariners lineup

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Mariners DH - 1995 Edgar Martinez 

Martinez will forever be one of the greatest hitters in franchise history, evident by his number being forever retired by the team. He is the perfect DH and was a no-brainer for this slot. Like a broken record, it was all about deciding what his best year was. 

Given that 95’ was his highest on-base percentage and slugging, as well as his highest OPS, the decision was relatively easy. 

Slashing .356/.479/.628 with 29 HR and 113 RBI for an OPS of 1.107 and OPS+ of 185, he was probably the best hitter in the league but finished third in MVP voting. Being worth 7.0 WAR, Martinez was as productive as can be. 

Most impressively was his plate discipline, as he walked 116 times with just 87 strikeouts. Surrounded by fantastic hitters in this all-time lineup, he is a perfect middle-of-the-order bat.