The 10 pitchers that dominated the Mariners in 2023

Who had the Mariners number on the mound this year? Let's look at the pitchers who dominated the Mariners hitting in 2023
Texas Rangers v Seattle Mariners
Texas Rangers v Seattle Mariners / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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Sometimes, a pitcher just has your number. Continuing on with the hitting articles that came out earlier this offseason, we move now to take a look at the pitchers who dominated the Mariners in 2023. This one was a bit different to sort, as you want to make sure to find out who did well, but they needed to either strike the Mariners when it mattered, or have sustained success.

So, sorry Clayton Kershaw, I don't count your single 4 IP start on here. There are a handful of guys who went 5-6 IP and didn't give up a run against the Mariners, but I'm not going to count them either. Michael Lorenzen could have an argument to be on here, as could Michael Kopech, but they walked a ton of people, so I don't think that cuts it for this list.

Same goes for relievers who only had a couple of apperances against the Ms. 2 IP and 3 Ks, nope, not good enough. The one I almost threw on here was Jacob Webb, but another reliever did even better and gets the nod as the most dominant reliever against the Mariners this season. Let's get to it and take a look at the pitchers that dominated the Mariners in 2023.

Mets: Kodai Senga: 7 IP, 1.29 ERA, 5 H, 2BB, 12 K

The Ghost Fork. It seemed like we were close... well, maybe we just thought we were close, to getting Senga to the Mariners last offseason. He was dominating this season, striking out over 200 hitters en route to a sub-3 ERA and actually being one of the few Mets to play well. He did just that against Seattle, tying a season-high for K's with 12 and throwing his 4th best game of the year with a Game Score of 73.

Nationals: Patrick Corbin: 7 IP, 0.00 ERA, 5 H, 0 BB, 9 K

This outright makes me angry. Corbin is one of the worst pitchers in baseball. Over the last 3 seasons, he has a 5.75 ERA, a 1.543 WHIP, and 50 losses. The Mariners decided to let Corbin have his second best start in three years against them, unable to do anything against the lefty who literally only has a job because of how much the Nationals are paying him. It's a joke, and might just be the most despicable performance by the Mariners all season.