Taylor Trammell visits Driveline

26-year-old outfielder puts in work at Driveline to ascend a crowded depth chart.
Seattle Mariners v Detroit Tigers
Seattle Mariners v Detroit Tigers / Duane Burleson/GettyImages

The Mariner's roster has a few redundancies, mainly utility guys and lefty-swinging outfielders. The latter is something to behold, as Cade Marlowe, Dominic Canzone, Luke Raley, Taylor Trammell, and Zach Deloach have spaces on the current 40-man roster. When looking at the outfielders, they all offer different skill sets, and each has minor-league options, except Trammell. Apparently, he's taking matters into his own hands and looking to roll into Peoria a step ahead of his peers.

He also spent time at Driveline last season, and while the work didn't result in Major League success, he did have his best minor league season to date. Trammell slotted in the middle of the Tacoma Rainier's lineup, finishing with a .268/.390/.920 slash. He also increased his walk rate from 11.6 to 16.6%, showing a better understanding of the strike zone, which is an excellent way to get the organization's good graces. One thing to watch is his continued ability to hammer in the up and inside pitch, which used to be his glaring weakness.

The hope is that the 26-year-old fan favorite uses this work at Driveline, takes another step forward this season, and finds a way to ascend to the top of the fourth outfielder depth chart. The cards are stacked against him, though. Either way, it will be a great storyline to watch as we near Spring Training.