STEAMER Projections: They're a big proponent of Ty France success

STEAMER loves them some Ty France
STEAMER loves them some Ty France / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

Ty France is one of the most frustrating players on the Mariners for me. Not because he stinks (he's a stud), but because his aggressiveness in crowding the plate hampers his ability to stay healthy and compete for the batting title. It hasn't stopped the STEAMER projections from thinking he is going to have a strong 2023.

I think if I had to be bullish on one Mariners player heading into 2023, it would be Ty France. He's shown in both seasons with the Mariners that he is able to hit over .300 at the plate. However, it's those darn HBP that bring him down, causing him to have a .284 average since joining the Mariners.

STEAMER thinks the average will be lower for Ty France, but that he is still going to mash in 2023

With a low BB rate and a low K rate, France excels and getting the ball into play. STEAMER rolls that into projections of a slash line at .272/.340/.447, a WRC+ of 130, and a career-high 23 HR and 87 runs, while driving in a respectable 80 RBI. They also have him just barely setting a new career high in fWAR at 3.2 in 149 games, surpassing 2021's mark of 3.1.

I think it's a fair evaluation. France hasn't shown in his 2+ years with the Mariners that he can keep his wrist healthy. When it's hurt, he cannot hit.


When he's healthy, dude straight-up rakes. He's honestly one of the best hitters in the game when he is healthy. It's a decent sized if, but IF we see a healthy season from France, I think he wins the batting title. He's capable of putting up a .318/.380/.504 slash line with 27 HR, 100+ RBI and R, and a monster WRC+. He just has to stay healthy to do it.

I do think they are being a little low on the BA, as .272 seems low. He's hit .302, .291, and .274 since coming here. .272 would be another drop. They do have him with 56 XBH, setting career highs in both 2Bs and HRs, which is why his WRC+ and fWAR are still high. If we can pair their expected production from France alongside a healthy season, I think we are in for a real treat in 2023 from Ty France. I like STEAMERS projection for him, and would be totally fine with it if those were his 2023 numbers.