STEAMER predictions has Taylor Trammell as a low-end bench guy

Detroit Tigers v Seattle Mariners
Detroit Tigers v Seattle Mariners / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

We are almost to the end of our STEAMER prediction reviews for the Mariners, which makes it understandable why we are checking in on guys like Taylor Trammell. It's still worth seeing what they think is going to happen at the back end of the team, and I think it's worthwhile to see what they have to say about the guys who are likely to populate the Mariners bench.

Trammell has had a bit of an unfortunate career. He has moved around a lot, and I think that negatively impacted peoples evaluations and projections related to his play. Still just 25, the former top 100 prospect has been traded a handful of times and finds himself finally (potentially) at home in Seattle.

He's going to be fighting for playing time in the corner OF spots, and with a good Spring Training, he could potentially snag a starting gig from Kelenic. The defense has been okay, but the offense has left plenty on the table. He's shown pop, but a career slash line of .176/.267/.376 shows plenty of room for improvement. STEAMER thinks he could provide a bit for the Mariners in 2022.

.219/.304/.379. 7 HR, 52 G, 206 AB, 0.6 fWAR, 5 SB, 27.2% K

If Trammell can actually hit about .220, then I think the SLG will be higher. It goes hand in hand with his K rate, which was awful in 2021, but got a lot better in 2022 when he showed strides in plate discipline and contact rate. Could Trammell be a nice little BN power piece with decent defense?

I think so.

If we get these numbers from Trammell, I think it's totally fine as an end-of-bench piece. Sure, we all want him to hit .245, but if we are getting 50 games or so from Trammell, I think those are perfectly acceptable numbers. Especially if he can put up just above-average defense again. I think Trammell does what STEAMER projects, and we watch him produce at an end-of-bench, but acceptable MLB, rate.