Solving the M's minor league middle infielder logjam

The Mariners have a glutton of minor league middle infielder prospects. We take a stab at projecting where they'll end up playing in the big leagues.
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The Mariners have a type when it comes to draft profile, at least lately. They've leaned toward prep position players who play the middle infield (2B/SS) mainly because high school teams tend to put their best athletes at those positions. While they've hit on some high-upside teens in this bucket over the past three years, they must find spots around the diamond within the next few years. Granted, there is a good chance some of them will stall in their ascents through the minors, or the Mariners will trade them in for more proven Major League offensive pieces.

Let's assume the following prospects will don the Mariner uniform in T-Mobile Park at some point in their professional careers. Here's a snap shot at what position they could play, as well as their estimated time of arrival.



Prospect Ranking

Projected Position

Cole Young





Colt Emerson





Felnin Celesten





Michael Arroyo





Tai Peete





Lindsay Crosby of Locked on MLB Prospects recently discussed the Mariners' middle infield prospect logjam and offered his thoughts on where the quintet would end up playing at the major league level. Crosby stated that Emerson and Young are similar in build and offensive profile. However, Emerson's plus arm (55 grade) helps project him as a third baseman at a high level. One thing to consider is the hot corner is usually a power position, and Emerson is more of a gap-to-gap hitter right now, but he can still add more power as he both physically develops and climbs the organizational ladder.

The most raw prospects are Felnin Celesten and Tai Peete due to their age. Scouts view Peete's 6'3" frame as problematic for the middle infield, which leans me to think he'll settle in at third base or serve as a corner outfielder at the big league level. Celesten, the Mariners top international signee this season, is tough to project because a severe hamstring strain derailed his 2023 campaign before it even started. But the Francisco Lindor comp probably rings true and we'll see the twitty teen at T-Mobile in 2028.

Having a ton of high-upside prospects at premium positions is a great problem to have, especially for a team like the Mariners who've had a tough time developing major league caliber offensive players. It'll be intriguing to follow these five prospects through the system none the less. The future is bright down the on farm.