SoDo Mojo's (un)official Hall of Fame Ballot - Will former Mariners make the cut?

The Baseball Hall of Fame will be inducting its newest members today, Will former Mariner Adrian Beltre make the cut?
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Players with zero votes: Bartolo Colon, Matt Holliday, Adrian Gonzalez, Jose Bautista. Jose Reyes, Victor Martinez, James Shields, Brandon Phillips, Omar Vizquel, Francisco Rodriguez

There are some obvious names here that will fall off the ballot both here and in real life. Obviously, James Shields, Brandon Phillips, and Matt Holliday are not going to be Hall of Famers. The same goes for guys like Adrian Gonzalez and Victor Martinez. Great players during their prime, but not particularly "Hall of Fame worthy".

Francisco Rodriguez, or K-Rod, is one player I really wanted to vote for but just ran out of votes. He is 4th ALL-TIME in saves with 437. He has more saves than Billy Wager (Who I voted for) and a career 2.86 ERA. He pitched 16 seasons and saved 40 or more games 6 times. In 2008, K-Rod saved a Major League record 62 games, a record that still holds true today. Ultimately, K-Rod probably will miss out on the Hall of Fame, which is a shame.

Jose Reyes and Omar Vizquel have had their fair share of off the field issues that will likely keep them both out. Jose Bautista was a great player in his prime, and who can forget his bat flip against the Texas Rangers in the playoffs. Joey Bats just didn't have a long enough prime part of his career. Bartolo Colon is a cult hero in the baseball world, but his steroid suspension along with a middle of the road stat line will keep him out of HoF talks.