Should the Mariners try and trade for Lane Thomas from the Nationals?

The Mariners are likely going to be moving on from Teoscar Hernandez in Right Field. What better way to do so than by trading for Lane Thomas from the Nationals
Atlanta Braves v Washington Nationals - Game Two
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Mariners trade for Lane Thomas: What it might take to get him

Mariners send: OF Jonatan Clase, RHP Emerson Hancock, RHP Michael Morales

Would either of those previous two deals work? I don't know. It always depends on what a team is looking for, and I'm not in the Front Office (how cool would that be?) so I don't know what their targets are. Sometimes, a team tries to load up in a certain area. For today, let's make it a combo to try and give them a mix of both side of the ball.

Clase sticks in here, as does Hancock. Clase is personally my favorite prospect, so i don't like putting him in deals. The ceiling is immense though, so he is likely going to be a part of a package for a good player if the team does indeed look into an acquisition at that level. Same with Hancock's value. He was the Mariners top pitching prospect in the past for a reason. He's very talented. You just have to weigh that risk/reward when it comes to a SP with a history of shoulder problems.

Lastly, and as in the mold of the last two offers, we add a third player in here. This time, it's Morales. He's a younger pitcher who would still be a ways out, but has a 50 grade heater and change, with a below average curve and control. it's just enough that you would want to see what he evolves into, and could be the finishing piece to make sure the deal happens.