SeaSide Thoughts: Mariners wake up, have best week of season

The Mariners have turned things around in the last week, and leave Colorado with a .500 record thanks in larger part to Cal Raleigh aka Big Dumper
Seattle Mariners v Colorado Rockies
Seattle Mariners v Colorado Rockies / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages
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Cause Cal Raleigh is BIG DUMPING!

If JP and Julio can keep heating up, they will make a dynamic trio, because Cal Raleigh is making his push as the best catcher in baseball.

Not only is Cal catching arguably the best rotation in baseball, but he has been the ultimate power source for a dormant Mariners offense. In 19 games, Cal is hitting .258 which is a massive jump from the previous seasons, and has slugged 5 home runs so far.

If he can stay healthy, we're talking about a catcher who could hit .250 and crush 40 home runs while being a star behind the plate. Please extend this man, Mr. Stanton!

The next two weeks get real

The Mariners needed a jolt, and they took care of business against teams that are probably not going to be good this season. That level of competition is about to pick up significantly.

After catching back up to the Texas Rangers in the standings, the two will collide in the Lone Star State in a battle for first place. After the pivotal division battle, the Mariners will have a tough 6 game homestand against the defending NL Champion Arizona Diamondbacks (happy Geno reunion) and then the current NL favorite Atlanta Braves.

This dominant pitching staff is about to face some of the best, and fastest offenses in baseball, while the offense will likely be facing the best pitching the Snakes and Braves have to offer.

By the end of next week, we should get a clear view of whether the Mariners are contenders or pretenders at they head into May.

Go M’s