SEAside Thoughts: Mariners lay egg in opening series at home vs Guardians

Cleveland Guardians v Seattle Mariners
Cleveland Guardians v Seattle Mariners / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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SEAside Thoughts: Opening Weekend

“Vaughn into the wind up, and his first offering … juuuust a bit outside."

-Bob Uecker in Major League 

We had our first SEAside Thoughts of the 2023 season on Friday after an incredibly fun and quick opening night of baseball that saw the Mariners win 3-0. After that, the Mariners chose to lose the following three games of the series in every way possible. 

Here we go!

Mariners vs Guardians: Cleveland played really well

And Seattle did not! This is important to remember for everyone freaking out after four games. Cleveland is a team very similar to the Mariners in that they are young, had some real success in 2022, and are looking for more. 

The Guardians are a team built on contact, speed, strong defense, and excellent pitching. Cleveland came into Seattle and executed their game plan like they were still in the ALDS, while Seattle looked like they were still playing in Peoria.

On Friday night's 9-4 loss, the Mariners gave the game away on 8 walks and 3 errors, leading to 5 unearned runs. On Saturday night, the bats went silent in a 3-hit shutout loss. Sunday was the crescendo, as Seattle blew a lead three separate times, failed miserably with runners in scoring position (they did all series), and gave the game away on a 4 pitch walk and an error in the 10th.

It sucked to watch, but this is what happens when you are not ready for a 90+ win division champion to enter your building. I believe that when (not if), the Mariners get rolling, they'll be ready for Cleveland.