SEAside Thoughts: 6 Moves for the Mariners at the Deadline

Seattle Mariners v Arizona Diamondbacks
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 Move #4 - Trade with the Mets for versatile Mark Cahna

Mark "Mariner Killer" Cahna has averaged an OPS+ over 123 the past five seasons before a disappointing season for himself and the Mets has considerably lowered his value. 

Still, Cahna's 102 OPS+, defensive versatility (LF, RF, 3B, 1B), and recently run (hitting .428 this past week ) is intriguing. With the Mets having gone into full sellers mode (I think the Mad Max for Ronald Acuna's brother Texas/New York trade is a bad trade for Texas), I expect Cahna will be moved.

There was alleged mutual interest between Cahna and the Mariners when he was a free agent two years ago. The price won't be ridiculous, and it would  bring some veteran stability to the Mariners. Cahna could be a perfect platoon for Marlow if you keep Teo, or take over the lion's share of playing time in RF if you move Teo.

Just like with Anderson, Cahna also has a team option for 2024. Play well, and the team has 2024 stability. Play bad, and the Mariners can move on. This is a good deal.

Move #5 - trade with Washington for 3B/1B Jeimer Candelario 

Adding Mark Cahna and Tim Anderson brings some RHH stability to the lineup, but if Seattle wants to make the jump to being a real contender, they really need a star bat, and preferably someone that can slug it from the left side. Jeimer Candelario is that man.

The 29 year old soon to be free agent has been an absolute bright spot for a Nationals team that is full on rebuilding. Through 99 games, Candelario put up a 3.3 WAR, sluggish a slash line of .258/.342/.481 with 30 doubles and 16 homers, good for a 128 OPS+. Candelario is a slightly above average 3rd baseman, who has experience playing 1st base as well. 

Candelario would be a fantastic #2 or #3 hitter who brings on base stability to a lineup that is littered with strikeout machines. Candelario also puts pressure on Suarez or France to pick it up if they want to stay in the lineup. The price would be heavy, maybe Emerson Hancock heavy, but Candelario has been great for 3 of the last 4 years and I think is worth it.

Move #6 - Win the AL West 

Make it happen Jerry!