SEAside Thoughts: 6 Moves for the Mariners at the Deadline

Seattle Mariners v Arizona Diamondbacks
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Move #3 - Trade with the White Sox for SS Tim Anderson and RP Kenyan Middleton

Tim Anderson, once a batting champ and cornerstone of the White Sox future, had one of the most disappointing 1st halfs you'll ever see from an accomplished hitter (Jesse Winker says hi!). With an OPS+ sitting in the low 40's at the all-star break, Anderson seems to have flipped a switch. Since the all-star break, Anderson is slashing .347/.407/.449 and looks like a man that wants to let the league know he's ready to be a star again, he just wants out of Chicago.

If he's willing to play 2B, Seattle could have one of the more underrated SS/2B combos in JP Crawford and Tim Anderson. Another intriguing part of acquiring Anderson is his contract. While this season has been brutal up until now, he does have a team friendly option for $14 million next year. 

If Seattle can get the guy that's played like an all-star the past three seasons, then that contract is a steal. If he falls back into his year long slump, then you can move on and have some cash (they better) to spend

With Kenyan Middleton, the Mariners are reuniting with a former bullpen arm that has had a fantastic season. Despite a couple rough outings this past week, Middleton has put up a sub 4 ERA and an ERA+ of 111 in 36+ innings this year. If you're gonna move on from Sewald, the addition of Middleton could be a solid stopgap while the bullpen resets its roles.