Scott Servais and the Mariners will have a fine line to walk with rest management

Garver at DH means Servais will need to find a new way to rest his elder statesmen. How does he keep the lineup potent while giving guys days off their cleats?
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Samad Taylor, Ryan Bliss
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Mariners and Platoons+

The plus in this case is older guys with injury histories. The great news is that Haniger is already going to be in a 3 man corner outfield platoon with Raley and Canzone so his reps should be limited by that anyway. The not so great part is that he’s the only right hander in that triplet. You can throw Moore in, though I’d rather see his spot given to speedster Samad Taylor. He hits from the right as well and is almost as versatile as Dylan defensively.

The other uncertain platoon is third base. As it stands you can watch what you think of Urias’ ability to throw with an injured shoulder, (yeesh). Rojas is the left hand hitter but will be seeing time at second and short also. Non-roster invite Brian Reynolds could fill in for an injured Urias until he can get right. The other way this could play involves Polanco playing mostly third and Ryan Bliss bombing his way into a shot at handling 2nd.

In both scenarios, Josh Rojas is your infield rest and stop-gap guy along with Moore and possibly Taylor depending on what’s asked of them in the outfield. The ability to have Moore, Taylor, Raley, and Haggerty all man both grass and dirt will be huge for this team. Though one or two of those guys might not fit on the roster all at once. The other natural platoon position is Catcher but that’s going to get a whole section to itself as it couples with DH.