Ranking the five best acquisitions the Mariners have made so far this off-season

Jerry Dipoto and Justin Hollander have been active this winter, adding and subtracting from the Mariners roster. Here are their five best moves so far.
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#1 DH/C Mitch Garver

The best player the Mariners added this off-season so far is Mitch Garver. Garver came to the Mariners through free agency and gives the Mariners the DH they have been looking for. In 2023, Garver played for divisional rival Texas and helped the Rangers to a World Series title. He had a solid year offensively for the Rangers as he posted a .270 average, a .870 OPS, 19 HR, and 50 RBI. Health will be key for Garver in 2023, as he has struggled to play a full season throughout his career. The most games he has played in a single season was 102 for the Twins in the 2018 season.

Playing DH should help Garver stay healthy, as being a catcher has made him more prone to injuries throughout his career. He should expect to catch a small number games for the Mariners, who already have Cal Raleigh behind the plate. Not to mention the M's also added backup catcher Seby Zevala from the Arizona Diamondbacks this off-season. The Mariners are excited to see what Garver can do for their offense and worked hard to sign him to a 2yr/$24 million deal with an option for third year. Expect Garver to be an important part of the Mariners offense in 2024.