Outside of the big 3, what can the Mariners expect from the rest of the bullpen?

Atlanta Braves v Seattle Mariners
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We've gone through the big three for the Mariners bullpen, Brash, Sewald, and Munoz, to see what we can expect from them. Instead of looking at the remaining options individually for the Mariners pen, I wanted to group them together since there is a bit more variance and unknown there.

Diego Castillo, Matt Festa, and Penn Murfee are the three that we expect to eat up a lot of the remaining innings. However, we shouldn't put 100% of our faith in it remaining that way. In case you forgot, Drew Steckenrider dominated in 2021 (2.00 ERA) and was off the MLB roster by May 24th in 2022.

The rest of the innings could go to a handful of people. Anyone from Flexen, Marco, Miller for a bit. Gott, Campbell, Sadler, Kuhn. Could be anyone. Shoot, it could be another Minor Leaguer we aren't really thinking of. Maybe Prelander Berroa? The Mariners could always make a trade as well, as we know how often relievers move around. Just take a look at the Mariners pen, and you can see how much it has changed in the last three years.

We've looked around at what this year's bullpen could look like. Wherever we get the innings from, and regardless of who it is, I do like what the Mariners have been doing out of the pen over the last two seasons. It seems like they are able to work with pitchers to help find a good mix of the right mindset and the right game plan to find success. That being said, this is what I think we can come to expect from the rest of the bullpen this year.











271 (9.2)

87 (2.95)





I think it's a reasonable assessment. Festa, Murfee, and Castillo were really good last year, had good stuff, and showed improvement in their decision making. Yeah, I know some of you were down on Castillo, but the majority of his appearances were actually quite impressive.

What do you think? Can the Mariners put together another good year out of the bullpen? For those wondering what all these stats accumulate to, check back in later for a full summation of all the stats we've put together for the Mariners in 2023, and see how it looks as a whole.