Observations from the Front Row

Seattle Mariners v Minnesota Twins
Seattle Mariners v Minnesota Twins / Adam Bettcher/GettyImages
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The Mariners continue to be a polarizing experience for fans and media alike. A day after their two most dominant relievers blow an extra innings lead, they accomplish something they haven't done since 1991. That being come back to win a road game after being down by four runs or more in the 8th inning. If these first two games aren't the cliff notes for the 2023 Mariners, I don't know what is.

I've watched many games from afar because I live in Minnesota's frozen tundra. Watching games on MLB.TV or listening to the velvet tones of longtime Mariners' radio man, Rick Rizz, are fantastic experiences; it's nothing like being in the stands. Well, that changed this week as I took in the Mariners' first two games of the series. I walked away with three observations that could define the rest of the season for the hometown team.