Mother Nature robs Mariners fans of fantastic opportunity in Spring Training

Set to play in the Spring Breakout game against the Padres, Mariners' fans were robbed of a great opportunity to watch the top prospects take the field
San Francisco Giants v Seattle Mariners
San Francisco Giants v Seattle Mariners / John E. Moore III/GettyImages

You would think that having Spring Training down in Arizona would mean that we would be able to enjoy watching plenty of games with nice weather over the stadium. It's Arizona, its supposed to be nice. Well, over the last month or so, we have seen rain cause havoc in golf and baseball. The Waste Management was a mess for so many reasons, and now baseball had to deal with the rain too.

Mariners fans, and Padres fans as well, were fully expecting to be able to watch their teams best and brightest young stars take the field in the Spring Breakout game. Mother Nature had other ideas, and decided that she didn't want fans to be able to enjoy what otherwise would've been an incredible opportunity.

The Mariners & Padres Prospect game was rained out

It's too bad, really. The chance to see Ethan Salas play would've been amazing, as he looks like he might be a part of the next wave of superstars. Not only that, but he's got a chance to be one of the youngest players to make it to the Majors in a long time. He already got a taste of AA last season, and doesn't turn 18 until June.

I was really excited to see some of the Mariners youth out there. Although their system wasn't ranked as high as we wanted, it still sort of made sense with how far away a lot of these guys are. Still, the thought of seeing Cole Young, Colt Emerson, Felnin Celesten, Tai Peete, Jonny Farmelo, Jonatan Clase, Lazaro Montes, Tyler Locklear, and Harry Ford all on the field? Man, I get so excited thinking about that... and might just have to go play The Show instead to make it happen.

There are still plenty of other prospect games for those looking to watch the young stars in the game. Unfortunately for the Mariners and Padres, you can take the Mariners out of the Northwest, but it seems like the weather decided to follow them.